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What we do

For over two decades, the UWC National Committee (Mauritius) has been relentlessly identifying and selecting deserving students to attend various UWCs. As of 2020, we have selected over 90 students who have gone to colleges all across the globe. Over the last few years, we have averaged 7-8 students per year, compared to 1 student every year in the initial years. The NC has been gradually expanding, welcoming a new set of active volunteers in 2020. The goal for the next few years is to expand the NC's activities pertaining to events regrouping alumni and parents, outreach to potential new students, fundraising, and mentorship for our current students.

Purpose of the Mauritian National Committee:

  • Selects the best representatives from Mauritius and its dependencies to attend a United World College.
  • Supports future candidates, where needed, during their preparation for UWC.  
  • Shares and promotes the movement and values of UWC throughout the Republic of Mauritius.